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Meet the Hooligans


Alec is a chocolate-chip-cookie-obsessed designer who is to blame for this madness. He whole-heartedly believes design can make people's lives easier and more delightful -- so he designs. Simple as that. If he isn't in the saddle working, you can catch him on the golf course, surfing (unlikely in Arizona), or badly playing the guitar for his Golden Retriever Sunday.


Ricky is a jolly good fellow and makes epic visual experiences and happens to build at the speed of sound. Outside of work he will bring the heat in Super Smash Bros and enjoys skateboarding, photography, and making music.


Jordyn is a true wizard with the keyboard. On top of that, she is a gifted illustrator and designer that blesses this planet with her whimsical creativity. On her downtime, she takes her dog out on the big walkies, plays video games, and goes for a nice swim to keep cool in the Arizona heat.

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The History of Websprint

Gator Design Who?

Gator Design Group is a design and strategy firm based in Scottsdale, AZ. Okay, but what do they have to do with Websprint? Websprint is an internal branch of Gator Design Group that specializes in wickedly-efficient web projects so you can get your new site up inside of a week.

Multi-month projects? No thank you.

We didn’t accept the classic 6-10 week timeline of building a website, so we created a system to build a custom website faster than the norm. So far, it's been exceeding our own expectations.

How in the world?

Alec discovered this thing called a Design Sprint (a process developed by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures) and it rocked his world. He took this system and modified it to web-specific projects. We trimmed the fat and kept the essentials. And the Websprint was born!

88 MPH

Simply put, the Websprint allows you to get your idea to market quickly without compromising quality. It is essentially a time machine. It's not made out of a DeLorean but it's still pretty cool.

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